About VIVA

Your Local Health & Wellbeing Network

Workforce is key in delivering high quality health and social care.  If you are looking to work in a different way,  and be empowered yourself as well as empower your clients in a professional manner, watch this space by clicking here to join our mailing list.

Organised as Buurtzorg Self Managed Teams, our workforce will be agile, lean, autonomous and incentivised.  Permanent contracts will be offered to all VIVA staff.

Buurtzorg is a model that has taken the carer and nursing industry by storm in the Netherlands. Buurtzorg means neighbourhood care in Dutch. With the Buurtzorg model, continuity, building trusting relationships and networks are all important. Under the Buurtzorg model, staff members are empowered to make the right decision for the client right there as a team, and not through a traditional management hierarchy. 

Your Voice. Your Network. Your Choice.