At VIVA, we believe workforce is key in delivering high quality health and disability support.

VIVA Mutual is an Adelaide based NDIS provider with a difference:

Engaged Employees | Valued Clients

We recognise staff as our strongest asset.  We carefully select our staff for their passion, skills, and how they embrace responsibility to go above and beyond with you.

Team around the client

VIVA services are organised around self-managed teams, comprising of nurses and support workers, trained and empowered to take self-guided decisions, to deliver the support you want

Commitment to Quality and Continuity

By investing in our spirited, passionate and skilled people, we’re able to deliver the best outcomes, supporting you to live the life of your choosing.

This difference means we provide the quality and continuity of support that we would want for ourselves.

That’s the VIVA difference.

Meet the Team

VIVA services are delivered by self-managed community based teams.  The VIVA Support Centre provides the teams the resources to deliver their best.

Viva Mutual was founded by renowned social entrepreneur Dr Guy Turnbull, and colleagues Arthur Mitsioulis and Tanya Cole, who together have more than 100 years of experience in the health, training and disability sectors.

Each founder contributed valuable insight in their area of specialisation to shape Viva Mutual – Guy in the disability sector and development of co-ops, Arthur in healthcare and Tanya in workforce planning and training. This joint experience enabled them to see both the strengths and weaknesses of the health, care and disability system.

When asking themselves what they would want, and need, as they got older, in order to continue to live a life of their choosing, they all agreed high-quality support from happy, committed support workers was the key.

They believe that the heart of their new business is that great support workers bring an energy, vitality and continuity of care that sees those who they support, thrive.

Dr Guy Turnbull - Founder and Managing Director

Dr Guy Turnbull is an award-winning, internationally recognised social entrepreneur. Highly acclaimed in his field, he has been a major figure in the co-operative and social enterprise sector since 1988, including building a UK based $35m care co-operative from scratch.

Arthur Mitsioulis - Founder and Strategic Partnering

Arthur Mitsioulis has been engaged in healthcare for over 36 years from pathology and the pharmaceutical sector and connected with primary care, hospitals, Government and non-government organisations. This involved building strategic partnership in both the private and public markets, bringing multidisciplinary stakeholders together to better understand the challenges and to codesign new models that lead to improved outcomes for patients and clients.

Tanya Cole - Founder and Chairperson

Tanya is a trusted and respected leader in the community and is often called on to contribute with comment for media interviews and programs drawing on her experience and knowledge of the social care industry. Tanya has an in depth knowledge of the industry and contributes to many industry boards, committees and panels and is often invited to judge for community and industry awards. Tanya founded the Hessel Group in 1998 who are specialists in the Social Care sector, providing a full circle of care, support and training. An experienced public speaker and presenter, Tanya will often feature at industry events and meetings where she openly shares her strategies, successes and the life lessons gained through her career.


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