About VIVA Mutual

VIVA Mutual is an Adelaide-based, not-for-profit, registered NDIS provider with an important purpose - to champion your journey towards living the life you choose, your life is full of possibilities.

People Before Profit

Our people are our most important asset and the clients they work with are our most important responsibility. 

The staff we carefully select are passionate and skilled. We nurture this passion so that they are empowered to achieve the best outcomes for you, and those around you.

Your Team

The unique needs and aspirations of the people we work with are at the heart of our self-managed teams of nurses, Disability Support Workers and allied health professionals. Teams equipped to support you to live the life of your choosing.

Our Commitment

Every person wants to feel cared for, safe, comfortable, and most importantly, in control. We want this for ourselves, and we want this for you.

We’re committed to supporting and empowering our staff, our clients, and their families and supporters, to reach these outcomes every day.

Live the life of your choosing with VIVA.

The VIVA Team

VIVA Mutual was founded by Guy Turnbull, Arthur Mitsioulis, and Tanya Cole, around their belief that every person can live a life of their choosing at every stage of that life.

With a collective 100 years of experience in health, training and disability sectors, Guy, Arthur and Tanya built VIVA Mutual on a foundation of compassion, quality and continuity of care.

People are at the heart of everything we do; those we work for and with. Nurtured, empowered Disability Support Workers bring energy and vitality to empower the individuals and families they work with, with a flow-on impact on the communities we belong to.

VIVA exists for all of us.

Founder and Managing Director

Dr Guy Turnbull

Dr Guy Turnbull is an award-winning, internationally recognised social entrepreneur. Highly acclaimed in his field, he has been a major figure in the co-operative and social enterprise sector since 1988, including building the largest UK-based care co-operative from scratch.

“Why the cooperative model? Great support so you can live a life of your choosing starts from treating both Disability Support workers and participants with dignity and respect. That is why I have always developed and collectively led ethical social enterprises.”

Founder and Strategic Partnering

Arthur Mitsioulis

Arthur Mitsioulis has been involved in healthcare from 1985, and from those early days as a scientist, he has been driven to improve pathways and models of healthcare. His work with multinational pharmaceuticals has provided insights into advanced models of healthcare and networks across all levels from government, private, hospitals and primary care.

Innovative pathways for healthcare in our community is more important today than ever before. I believe that we all need to collaborate, to delivery efficient and safe healthcare delivery in people’s homes using the advances in technology. That is our promise that we will work with you and your healthcare professionals to assist and support you to achieve your personal goals.

Founder and Chairperson

Tanya Cole

Tanya is a respected and trusted leader in the community and is an active voice for the industry often called on to contribute with comment for media interviews and programs drawing on her experience and knowledge of the social care industry. Tanya has an in-depth knowledge of the industry and contributes to many industry boards, committees and panels and is often invited to judge for community and industry awards. Tanya in 1998 founded the Hessel Group, who specialise in the Social Care sector, providing a full circle of care, support and training. An experienced public speaker and presenter, Tanya is often invited at industry events and meetings to openly share her strategies, successes and the life lessons gained through her career.


Join a team of awesome people who are passionate about supporting others to live the lives they choose.