VIVA Mutual Passes NDIS Practice Standards Midterm + Scope extension Audit

VIVA is happy to confirm that we have passed our NDIS mid-term audit, including expanding our scope to introduce new services over the coming months.

Our big ‘take’ from the report was that all the hard work invested in developing VIVA’s self managed team approach, is making a real difference to both VIVA Workers and participants alike.

The report says that development of VIVA Mutual was inspired by Buurtzorg methodology, hence the mutuality aspect being the heart of business. Their guiding principles are: Engaged employees deliver higher quality care, Financial transparency to all stake holders and Mutuality is key to innovation.

There is a flat management hierarchy with a direct line of communication with key decision makers. Staff are supported to work within small self-managed teams, overseen by newly appointed peer mentors, offering participant consistency and autonomous decision making. These self-managed teams increase communication and consistency of supports for the participant. There has been significant investment in staff training.

Continual feedback from staff interviewed evidenced the philosophy and organisation aims is infiltrated throughout the organisation. There is a significant sense of ownership for the work they are doing, and a sense of belonging within the organisation.

Strengths of the Organisation’s Systems

  • Significant sense of ownership by the staff for the work they are doing, and sense of belonging within the organization
  • Flat management hierarchy that has created equality and autonomy within the organisation
  • Participant-focused model of support of VIVA Mutual
  • Thorough level of induction given to staff
  • High levels of support available to staff and participants
  • Capacity to support and case manage participants with complex support needs

Feedback from participants included:

  • Rated the service 9-10/10. The interviewed participants and/or their guardians were very happy to continue receiving services from Viva Mutual.
  • Interviewed participants and/or their guardians mentioned that staff are experienced, thoughtful, supportive and caring. They never felt disrespected by staff or management team. They mentioned that office staff are also very helpful and try to attend to their needs as soon as possible.


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