Different Conversations – The Impact of Carers

Join VIVA Mutual’s Arthur, Stephen Wales from Carers SA and Mitch from Simple Healthcare Solutions as they discuss Carer’s in Australia.

Are You A Carer?

People become Carers in different ways. Sometimes they start helping someone out bit by bit. Sometimes it happens suddenly, because of an accident or illness. Carers can be any age. Parents, grandparents, partners, siblings, children, friends and neighbours may all take on a caring role at some point in their life. 

Australia has over 2.7 million Carers, 11% of the population. It is likely you are a Carer, need a Carer or know a Carer.

If you provide personal care, support and/or assistance to family or friends who have 

  • A disability

  • A mental illness

  • Dementia

  • A long term health condition

  • An illness that is terminal

  • An alcohol or drug related problem or

  • Someone who is frail due to age

Then you are a Carer and you can access the support services that Carers SA offers.

Key takeways:

  • As a carer you bring a smile to someone every day, the work you do is so impactful

  • The impact and benefits that carers have across the community is significant

  • Yet the burden they personally carry is enormous and often not recognised until it’s too late

  • The power of Carers SA is in giving you the opportunity to talk to someone who has a lived experience and understands what you are going through

  • Taking the time to have a chat, because it could be the tonic you need.

To find out how Carers SA can help you call 1800 422 737 or visit www.carerssa.com.au/services

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