Dr Guy Turnbull Featuring On The ‘Innovate For Impact’ Podcast

VIVA Mutual’s Managing Director Dr Guy Turnbull’s recently featured on the ‘Innovate for Impact’ podcast where he offered insightful glimpses into the transformative potentials in community nursing practices. Highlighting the Buurtzorg model, which originated in the Netherlands.

In simple terms, this model lets small groups of nurses take care of patients in their community without much top-down management. This means nurses get to know their patients really well and can make their own decisions. Turnbull said that this way of working makes patients happier, means fewer trips to the hospital, and also makes nurses feel better about their jobs.

His perspective underlined the importance of rethinking traditional care structures in order to prioritise patient needs and empower healthcare professionals.

Listen to the clip below or listen on Apple Podcast or Spotify by clicking these links;


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