Home Nursing is Peace of Mind: Settling Home after Hospital Discharge

Returning home after a hospital stay, whether due to surgery, illness, or an injury, can be a daunting experience. While the familiarity of home is comforting, the transition from a facility with 24-hour care to managing oneself, one’s loved one or a participant, can stir anxiety and uncertainty. Engaging a specialised Home Nursing provider during this period isn’t just about medical care; it’s about the guarantee of peace of mind. 

Here are five reasons why hiring a qualified home nurse can be a game-changer when transitioning from hospital to home:

  1. Medical Expertise at Your Doorstep
    • Timely Response: In the first few days post-discharge, complications or concerns might arise. Having a qualified home nurse on call means a timely medical response. They can evaluate the situation, provide necessary first aid, advise if further medical attention is needed; and arrange it.
    • Medication Management: Keeping track of medications, their timings, and dosages can be overwhelming. Home nurses ensure that medications are administered correctly, reducing the risk of missed or incorrect doses.
  1. Personalised Care in a Familiar Environment
    • Customized Recovery Plans: A home nurse can tailor rehabilitation exercises wound care and other health-related routines to your home environment. For instance, if physiotherapy is part of the recovery, they can oversee exercises using home furniture or adjust the layout so the activity is simplified and achievable.
    • Comfort & Healing: Studies have shown that patients often recover faster in their own homes. The comfort of one’s bed, the ability to enjoy familiar routines, or even the joy of a pet’s company can work wonders for mental and physical health.
  1. Support with Activities of Daily Living
    • Mobility Assistance: Moving around after surgery or a long hospital stay can be challenging. Home nurses assist with mobility, ensuring safety and assessing and minimising the risk of falls or injuries.
    • Help with Personal Care: Tasks like bathing, dressing, or even meal preparation might be difficult initially. Home nurses and support workers can assist with these, ensuring you maintain personal hygiene and nutrition without straining yourself.
  1. Advocacy and Communication Bridge
    • Liaison with other Medical Professionals: A home nurse acts as a bridge between you and your doctors or specialists. They can communicate any concerns, changes, or updates about your health, ensuring continuity and reliability of care.
    • Patient Advocacy: If there are decisions to be made about ongoing care or treatment options, a home nurse, familiar with your condition and personal circumstances, can genuinely listen to, and understand your concerns and advocate for your best interests and wellbeing.

  1. Emotional and Psychological Support
    • Companionship: Beyond the medical aspect, having someone around can combat feelings of loneliness or isolation often felt post-hospitalisation. Simple, caring conversations and shared moments can boost morale during recovery.
    • Peace of Mind for Family and Support Team: Families and support teams often bear the brunt of anxiety when a loved one returns home from the hospital. Knowing a qualified professional is assisting can alleviate this stress, allowing family members to return to work or daily routines without constant worry.


Hospital discharges are just the beginning of one’s health recovery journey. The real challenge can lie in navigating the initial days at home, where the absence of round-the-clock medical staff can feel distressing. By arranging a trusted and well-qualified home nursing provider, you’re not only ensuring your physical well-being but also providing emotional and psychological assurance to yourself, your client or your loved ones.


This confidence comes with knowing that if a medical concern arises, there’s someone with the skills to address it and with the dedication to ensure your comfort your dignity, autonomy, and the warmth of home around you.


Connect to the VIVA difference

So, as you prepare for your discharge from the hospital, consider engaging a VIVA Mutual home nurse. It’s not just about health; it’s about holistic well-being, ensuring that your journey back to full health is smooth, safe, and surrounded by care. If you’d like to explore how VIVA Mutual can support you, your clients or your loved ones, don’t hesitate to reach out and make an enquiry

VIVA Mutual’s Home Nursing team is available around the clock to support NDIS participants with health management in their homes, away from clinics and hospitals. All members of the VIVA team are qualified Registered Nurses or Enrolled Nurses who can provide a wide range of services; from injections and wound care to supporting the management of complex conditions such as incontinence, dysphagia and diabetes. For many, the Home Nursing approach can lead to quicker and more comfortable recovery, while potentially reducing overall healthcare costs, and building trusting relationships with our caregivers.

For a confidential chat with VIVA’s lovely Nursing Team, please call 08 8877 8000 or send us an email via admin@vivamutual.org

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