Home Nursing: it’s another way to live the life of your choosing

The Difference that Home Nursing Brings

In the world of healthcare, we often measure success by the number of people we can cure or the efficiency with which we can deliver services. Yet, there’s an aspect of care that transcends these metrics – the profound impact of compassion, understanding, and tailored support on the people we care for. Viva’s seasoned home nurses with decades of experience between them, have witnessed firsthand how quality care in the comfort of one’s home can significantly enhance well-being and speed up recovery, especially for individuals with disabilities. 


The traditional healthcare model tends to focus on treating illnesses and disabilities within the confines of hospital walls. While hospitals are indispensable for acute care and emergencies, they are not always the best environment for ongoing, rehabilitation and recovery care; and let’s face it, they’re often noisy, stressful and boring places. This is where VIVA’s home-based care comes into play, embodying a holistic approach that prioritises the individual’s overall quality of life, and their rights to exercise their choice of support givers and schedules.

Understanding the Impact of Home-Based Care

Home-based support offers a unique set of benefits that are particularly valuable for people with disabilities. Firstly, it fosters a sense of independence, choice and control. Being in a familiar environment allows individuals to engage in their daily routines and exercise control over their supports, lifestyles and healthcare, which is empowering and supports mental wellbeing.


Secondly, personalised healthcare plans developed in the context of the person’s home environment can be more effectively tailored to their specific needs. This understanding and customisation extends beyond medical treatments to include modifications in the living space, routines, and support systems that accommodate the person’s disability and promote wellness.


Moreover, the emotional and psychological comfort derived from being at home, cared for by a person you know and trust, cannot be overstated. The presence of family, pets, and personal belongings can build a healing atmosphere that hospitals cannot replicate. This sense of belonging and connection with healthcare givers and support people is crucial for mental health and can significantly impact recovery and the ability to manage chronic conditions.

Supporting Independence and Preventing Hospitalisations

One of the key goals of home-based care for unwell people is to support their independence and prevent avoidable hospitalisations. Frequent hospital visits can be distressing and disruptive, not to mention the risk of hospital-acquired infections. Quality home care can reduce risks by providing expert healthcare, education, and support to manage health conditions effectively.


In the experience of the VIVA Mutual’s Home nursing team, empowering people and their families with knowledge and tools to understand symptoms, medications, and potential complications can drastically reduce the need for hospital visits. It’s about building a partnership where the VIVA Home Nurse, the individual, and their family and support people work together towards the common goal of improving health and independence.

The Role of Technology and Community Resources

Advancements in technology and the availability of community resources have made home-based care more feasible and effective than ever. Telehealth services, for instance, allow for regular monitoring and consultations without the need for physical travel to GPs, clinics and hospitals.


Today’s home healthcare can be delivered from almost anywhere, and your VIVA Home Nursing team will liaise with your other health professionals to keep people at home, and on the mend, for as long as possible.

The Heart of Home-Based Care with VIVA Mutual

As support and healthcare professionals and as a society, we must recognise and support the value of home-based care, particularly for individuals with disabilities. It’s not merely about reducing costs or hospital stays; it’s about building a meaningful and personal relationship with the participant, and respecting and enhancing the dignity, independence, and ability to live the life of their choosing. VIVA’s home nurses have dedicated their careers to this cause, advocating for a healthcare model that sees beyond the disability and illness to the person, their needs, and their rights to the choice and control over their lives. It’s a partnership that requires compassion, innovation, and collaboration between the whole team around the patient. 

Together, we make a difference in the lives of those with disabilities and health concerns, one home at a time. 

If you’d like to learn more, VIVA Mutual’s Support Centre team is always available to share our expertise and experience for the benefit of Support Coordinators, NDIS participants and those who support them. Many of us live with disabilities ourselves and/or have family members with NDIS Plans too, so we know what we’re talking about.

For a confidential chat with one of VIVA Mutual’s understanding and supportive folks, please call 08 8877 8000 or send us an email via admin@vivamutual.org

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