How VIVA Mutual’s Psychosocial Recovery Services Can Help You Take Control of Your Life

At VIVA Mutual, we are aware that managing the difficulties of daily life can be challenging, particularly for people who have mental health concerns. We provide psychosocial recovery services to offer support and direction so that you can take charge of your life and work towards your objectives.

To create, prepare, and carry out a recovery plan that is specific to your needs and objectives, our recovery coaches collaborate with participants, their families, carers, and other agencies. We can assist you in addressing any difficulties you may be having and help create plans that focus on adopting a holistic approach to your rehabilitation.

Our psychosocial recovery services can help with the NDIS and other support coordination, ensuring that you have access to the tools and services you need to succeed. For family members and other carers who are assisting in the care of a person with a mental health illness, we can also offer support and direction.

Our recovery coaches have extensive training and knowledge working with people who have mental health issues. They are committed to assisting you in achieving your full potential. Our recovery coaches can support you in learning the skills and techniques required to manage your symptoms and enhance your quality of life, whether you are battling anxiety, depression, or another mental health condition.

Meet Taylor our experienced Recovery Coach

Taylor has had over 7 years’ experience working with client with a wide range of complex needs and health requirements. Taylor has expertise in working within a family system approach and had worked educationally with people with disabilities across their lifespan. Taylor can apply her lived experience and learned knowledge to her Recovery Coach position and provide a tailored service to people needing psycho-social recovery services.

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If you’re interested in learning more about VIVA Mutual’s psychosocial recovery services, speak to one of our coaches today. We’re here to support you every step of the way on your journey to recovery.

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