Telehealth and Home Nurses: Transforming Care for Individuals with Disabilities and Support Teams

In today’s digital era, the potential of telehealth is revolutionising healthcare delivery, and VIVA Mutual is right up there. For individuals living with disability and complex health needs, the intersection of telehealth and experienced home nurses presents a compelling solution. For people working in the NDIS sector, understanding these benefits can aid in devising the most efficient and compassionate care strategies for your clients.


Bridging Geographical Gaps

For many living with disabilities, especially those in remote or regional areas, frequent hospital visits aren’t just exhausting but sometimes near impossible. Telehealth breaks down these geographical barriers. With VIVA’s qualified home nurses equipped to facilitate telehealth consultations, people can access top-tier medical advice without stepping outside, or inviting anyone in.


Personalised, One-on-One Care

Through telehealth, VIVA’s home nurses offer their undivided attention. This personalised approach allows for a deeper understanding of the individual’s unique needs and challenges, ensuring care plans are tailor-made to achieve the best outcomes possible.


Reducing Physical and Mental Strain

Repeatedly visiting healthcare facilities can be physically and mentally taxing. Telehealth reduces this significantly. With our home nurses on screen, or the ‘phone to the person and their care team, people can focus solely on their consultation, ensuring they get the most from each session without the added challenges of visits.


Flexibility and Comfort

Being in a familiar environment can significantly reduce anxiety. Telehealth consultations, facilitated in the comfort of one’s home, can lead to more open communication, ensuring that one’s dedicated VIVA home nurse comprehensively understands the individual’s condition and health needs.




Immediate Access to Vital Data

Qualified, experienced home nurses, using advanced health monitoring tools, can relay real-time vital data to healthcare professionals during telehealth sessions. Whether it’s blood pressure, oxygen levels, or any other crucial metric, immediate access to this information ensures timely and informed decisions about the best ways to achieve the best outcomes for every individual.


Enhanced Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Being practised in telehealth makes it simpler for a team of healthcare professionals to collaborate on a person’s care. For individuals with complex needs, multiple specialists can be looped into a telehealth session, ensuring a more holistic approach to care.


Efficient Resource Utilisation

From the perspective of an NDIS Support Coordinator, telehealth means more efficient use of funds. By reducing the need for physical transport and minimising hospital or clinic visits, resources can be redirected to other essential, person-centred support areas.


Swift Response to Emergencies

In cases of health emergencies, time is of the essence. Telehealth allows for immediate consultations. Your experienced VIVA home nurse can swiftly set up a telehealth session with the person, their support team and necessary medical professional(s), ensuring rapid response and guidance.


Continuous Skill Development for Home Nurses

Telehealth isn’t just beneficial for patients; it’s a boon for our VIVA home nurses too. By regularly interacting with specialists via telehealth, your home nurses can continually upgrade their skills and knowledge, ensuring they provide the best, contemporary care possible.


Empowerment and Education

Telehealth sessions facilitated by VIVA’s experienced home nurses can be immensely educational for individuals and their support team members. These sessions become opportunities to ask questions, understand physical and mental health conditions better, and become proactive participants in the care and recovery journey.



The potential of telehealth, especially when delivered by VIVA’s qualified, experienced home nurses, is vast and multifaceted. For individuals living with disability and complex health needs, it offers an invaluable mix of convenience, expertise, peace of mind and compassion.


As NDIS Support Coordinators, tapping into this potential ensures that care strategies are not just efficient but also tailored to the unique challenges and needs of each individual. In a world where healthcare is continually evolving, telehealth, backed by the expertise of VIVA’s home nurses, stands out as a beacon of top-tier care.

VIVA Mutual’s Home Nursing team is available around the clock to support NDIS participants with health management in their homes, away from clinics and hospitals. All members of the VIVA team are qualified Registered Nurses or Enrolled Nurses who can provide a wide range of services; from injections and wound care to supporting the management of complex conditions such as incontinence, dysphagia and diabetes. For many, the Home Nursing approach can lead to quicker and more comfortable recovery, while potentially reducing overall healthcare costs, and building trusting relationships with our caregivers.

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