Introducing the Power of Home Nursing AND Telehealth at VIVA Mutual

Introducing the Power of Home Nursing AND Telehealth at VIVA Mutual

In the realm of healthcare, the comfort and convenience of receiving care at home cannot be overstated, as many of us have witnessed the revolutionary shift towards telehealth consultations in our homes. This month, VIVA Mutual has introduced additional telehealth services, aiming to enhance our service flexibility and ensure our clients receive timely, efficient, and personalised healthcare. 


If you haven’t yet used home nursing via telehealth, let’s explore the benefits of VIVA’s home nursing and telehealth consultations particularly when the delivery of services fits a confidential digital consultation.

The Essence of Home Nursing: VIVA’s Personal Touch in Healthcare

VIVA’s home nursing is a beacon of personalised, compassionate care, offering many benefits to our community, especially those recovering from hospital stays or managing health conditions at home. Here’s how home nursing is redefining patient care:

Comfort and Familiarity

Being cared for in one’s familiar environment is comforting and can accelerate recovery. The environment you’re used to, the presence of visitors and support, and the mere fact that you’re not in a hospital can have a profound positive effect on one’s mental and emotional well-being.

Tailored Care

Home nursing allows for individualised care plans, catering to the specific needs and preferences of each person. This approach ensures that care is not only effective but also respects your lifestyle and routine.

Empowerment and Autonomy

Home nursing champions the concept of the patient’s choice and control. By involving people in their care plans and respecting their daily routines and preferences, VIVA’s Home Nurses empower them, fostering a sense of independence and dignity.

Family Involvement and Support (if they are present)

If you have family and friends around you, receiving healthcare at home enables you to have the choice of them being involved in your recovery and support, which is crucial for holistic care.

Telehealth: Has Been A Revolution in Healthcare

The advent of telehealth consultations marks a significant leap in almost every facet of modern healthcare delivery. While it cannot be used in  every case, VIVA’s telehealth approach to healthcare has its own set of unique advantages:

Accessibility and Convenience

Telehealth breaks down geographical barriers, providing access to quality healthcare regardless of location. People living in remote or rural areas, or those with mobility or support challenges, can receive professional consultations without the need for travel.

Efficiency and Time-Saving

Telehealth significantly reduces waiting times for appointments and eliminates the need for travel, saving valuable time for both patients and healthcare providers. This efficiency is crucial, especially for people with lived experience of disabilities who may find frequent hospital visits challenging, tiring and time-consuming.


By reducing the need for physical visits, telehealth can lead to substantial savings in transportation costs and other expenses related to in-person appointments, making healthcare and disability support more affordable and accessible.

Continuity of Care

Telehealth enables continuous monitoring and follow-up care, ensuring that patients receive consistent and uninterrupted healthcare support. This continuity is vital for managing chronic conditions and ensuring that any changes in health status are noted and promptly addressed.

Confidential and Secure

Modern telehealth platforms are designed with strong privacy and security measures, ensuring that all consultations and patient data are confidential and protected.

Education and Engagement

Telehealth provides an excellent platform for healthcare education, allowing VIVA’s Home Nurses to share resources, engage in health coaching, and encourage people to take an active role in managing their health.

Why is VIVA Integrating Home Nursing with Telehealth? Because It Works!

The integration of home nursing with telehealth brings together the best of both worlds, offering a comprehensive care model that is both empathetic and technologically advanced. VIVA’s approach allows for:


  • Holistic Health Monitoring: Combining your in-person home nursing visits with telehealth consultations ensures thorough health monitoring, encompassing both physical assessments and remote monitoring of vital signs and health indicators.


  • Flexibility in Care Delivery: People may choose to receive a mix of face-to-face and digital consultations based on their condition, preferences, and needs, offering a flexible and adaptable healthcare service to you.


  • Enhanced Communication: Telehealth facilitates seamless communication between patients, home nurses, and other healthcare providers (i.e. hospital Consultants, your GP etc.), ensuring that everyone involved in your healthcare is on the same page.


  • Prompt Intervention: The real-time nature of telehealth allows for immediate attention and possible intervention if needed, potentially preventing complications, hospital readmissions and stress.

Why choose VIVA Mutual?

VIVA Mutual offers a fusion of home nursing with telehealth to provide our community with a significant advancement in healthcare delivery, particularly for people living with disabilities. Our innovative approach not only upholds the principles of your choice and control, along with being also efficient, accessible and flexible. As modern healthcare continues to evolve, VIVA’s Home Nursing services will continue to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to live the life of their choosing, supported by the best home healthcare possible.

If you’d like to learn more, VIVA Mutual’s Support Centre team is always available to share our expertise and experience for the benefit of Support Coordinators, NDIS participants and those who support them. Many of us live with disabilities ourselves and/or have family members with NDIS Plans too, so you can be assured that we do know what we’re talking about.

For a confidential chat with one of VIVA Mutual’s understanding and supportive folks, please call 08 8877 8000 or send us an email via

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