The Power of Professional Home Nurses in Wound Care: A Win-Win for NDIS Support Coordinators and Hospital Discharge Planners

Maximizing Wound Recovery: The Advantages of VIVA Home Nursing

1. Personalised Care in a Familiar, Comfortable Setting

One of the standout benefits of in-home wound care is the personal touch. Within the person’s own environment, care can be tailored not just to their medical needs, but also to their personal preferences and comfort. VIVA’s home nurses, well-versed in understanding the nuances of peoples’ lives, will provide wound care in a manner that is both efficient and compassionate.


2. Lowered Risk of Hospital-Acquired Infections

Hospitals, despite best practices, can sometimes be a hotbed for infections, particularly for people with complex health and disability vulnerability. For individuals with open wounds, the risk of acquiring secondary infections can be distressingly high. By administering wound care at home, this risk is significantly reduced, ensuring the wound remains uncontaminated by potential hospital pathogens.


3. Consistent Continuity of Care

With a dedicated VIVA home nurse, people receive consistent care from a familiar face. This consistency aids in building rapport and trust. Our nurse becomes adept at understanding their client, the intricacies of the wound and other factors, how it’s healing, and any complications that might arise. This continuity is often not possible in a hospital setting, where shift changes and multiple patients can lead to varied care approaches.

4. Reduced Stress Leads to Faster Healing

It’s well-documented that stress can hamper the body’s ability to heal. The mere act of being in one’s own space, surrounded by familiar items and people, can significantly reduce stress levels. Coupled with the expertise of VIVA’s professional home nurses, this creates an environment conducive to faster and more efficient wound healing.

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5. Cost-Effective

Repeated hospital visits, potentially extended stays due to complications, and the associated costs of in-patient care can quickly add up. In contrast, administering expert wound care at home, by a professional VIVA home nurse, is more economical over the duration of the recovery process.


6. Flexible Scheduling

In-home care provides flexibility. Rather than adhering to hospital schedules, people can work with home nurses to determine a time that’s most convenient for care, ensuring that their daily routines are minimally disrupted. In addition, VIVA’s home nurses are responsive all day, every day.

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7. Comprehensive Care Team Collaboration

One’s disability care team plays a pivotal role in the wound recovery process. With wound care being administered at home, one’s family and/or care team can be more actively involved, learning from the VIVA home nurse and understanding how best to support their person. This involvement not only offers emotional support but also equips everyone with knowledge, ensuring they are proactive and informed caregivers.


8. Use of Advanced Technologies and Techniques

VIVA’s home nurses are trained in the latest wound care techniques and technologies. Whether it’s negative pressure wound therapy or advanced dressing techniques, our home nurses bring hospital-level expertise into the home. This ensures that despite being away from the hospital, the person doesn’t miss out on the benefits of advanced care.


9. Real-time Feedback and Adjustments

The one-on-one attention that VIVA’s home nurses provide allows for real-time feedback. If a particular approach isn’t working or if the wound shows signs of complications, immediate adjustments can be made. Their dynamic and responsive care approach can be invaluable in preventing complications and ensuring optimal healing.


For NDIS Support Coordinators and Hospital Discharge Planners, the priority is always the well-being and swift recovery of the patient. Incorporating VIVA’s professional home nurses into the care plan, especially for wound management, offers a holistic approach that blends medical excellence with personal comfort.

By understanding and championing the benefits of experienced home nurses in wound care, VIVA Mutual aims to ensure that people receive not just the best care, but also the most compassionate, tailored, and efficient support during their recovery journey.

For those considering home nursing now or in the future, the benefits are clear. And at VIVA Mutual, you’re assured of quality, compassion and expertise every step of the way. If you’d like to explore how VIVA Mutual can support you, your participants or your loved one, don’t hesitate to reach out and make an obligation-free enquiry, Connect Now.

VIVA Mutual’s Home Nursing team is available around the clock to support NDIS participants with health management in their homes, away from clinics and hospitals. All members of the VIVA team are qualified Registered Nurses or Enrolled Nurses who can provide a wide range of services; from injections and wound care to supporting the management of complex conditions such as incontinence, dysphagia and diabetes. For many, the VIVA Mutual Home Nursing approach can lead to quicker and more comfortable recovery, while potentially reducing overall healthcare costs, and building trusting relationships with our caregivers.

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