Social and Community Participation

Like having one of the family at home

VIVA Mutual is committed to building the best communities for you to engage with. That’s why our teams are made up of people from your local community, with a deep knowledge of how local resources can support you. Of course, this support is centred around your choices and could include: 

  • Facilitating trips to a local pool
  • Accessing a gym 
  • Finding and joining a ‘Knit & Natter’ Group


We’re committed to providing the best support and healthcare every day, so that you can focus on living the best life of your choosing. Our Social and Community Participation team does this by:

Understand your needs

Your VIVA team will support you in looking at what you might want to do in your community, and then assist you to engage.


VIVA has a range of partnerships with community organisations to support your access to community-based activities.

Support for your community

When we work with you, we welcome your family, friends and other support people into your team. We support them to up-skill so that your whole team can work with you to achieve your goals.

VIVA Mutual NDIS Services

Comprehensive Social and Community Participation

Private Support Services


Meet the Team

Make a time to meet the people in VIVA’s Home Nursing team: Donna, Joan, Lisa, Rani, and Raya. These professional, experienced Home Nurses are fully qualified Registered or Enrolled Nurses, with specialisations in various areas of disability, health wellbeing, and NDIS care management. They are adept at working within the NDIS framework to provide tailored nursing services, ensuring that each individual receives the personalized care and support they need to thrive in their own homes and communities.


Ways to access VIVA's Social and Community Participation Services

NDIS Social and Community Participation Services

VIVA Mutual’s NDIS-accredited home nursing services are designed to empower those with disabilities to achieve greater independence and quality of life. Our specialized team provides personalized nursing care that aligns with the unique goals of each NDIS participant. With VIVA, experience a harmonious mix of professional health support and genuine personal care on your journey to enhanced wellness.

Private Support Services

For those who may not qualify for government assistance or prefer to bypass wait times, opting for a private care package can be a cost-effective and immediate solution to access necessary services tailored to personal or family needs.


Curious about how VIVA can assist you?