Accessing the community, and making the most of our social networks is what makes us all human.

VIVA teams are neighbourhood based, comprise of local people, and specifically trained to identify how local community based resources can support you to live a life of your choosing.

This might be being supported to go swimming, access the gym, join a ‘knit & natter’ group – it is all about matching what you want with what your community has to offer.




Understand your needs

Your VIVA team will support you to look at what you might want to do in your community, and then assist you to engage.



VIVA has a range of partnerships with community organisations to support your access to community based activities.


Help Up-skill

We can upskill those around you to provide holistic support using informal networks and utilising your independence. 

Below are some examples of how VIVA clients and partners have collaborated:

  • Access a local Men’s shed to meet new mates and learn new skills
  • Developing a blind massage micro enterprise

Have a Question?

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